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Dean Harrison - Keynote Speaker & Sales Team Motivator - Christchurch New Zealand

You and your staff already have the tools to sell, Deano will just help you find them (and make it fun).

Let's face it, we're all in sales, from when we first ask our parents to borrow the car, to selling ourselves to get a job. The trick is to understand how success in sales relates to the way we approach life - what we put out comes back to us, and what we get back is a reflection of ourselves.

Dean (Deano) Harrison inspires people from all walks of life to not just sell, but to create a positive spin on how they do it. He leads by example to demonstrate how you can embrace your personality and turn sales from a daunting task, to an enjoyable way of relating to others.

Your future finances are in your hands

Synchronicity & serendipity :: Get back what you put out!

Have you had your moment yet? You know, that blinding flash of obvious when you realise that your life isn't going the way you thought it might, and that YOU are the only one can change it?

Momentum sales training is more than just a 'sales course'. It's about what you put out you get right back (in one way or another). If you've got a bad attitude, or think that life has given you a raw deal, then you'll find it very near impossible to get anywhere in life.

Deano Harrison, your trainer, believes that whatever you've got to work with, with a great approach, you'll find more doors open up to you. He's living proof of that. One day, jobless and broke and not able to sell a thing, he realised that he was doing it wrong and that he could change his circumstances. So by making changes, starting with his attitude, he turned his life around for the better.


Dean Harrison | Keynote Speaker | New Zealand | Sales Training

About Deano

Deano Harrison presents a new dynamic to 
typical sales seminars by addressing your 
attitude to life as much as your next sale.


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